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La Jolla Light News

10/14/2010 12:00 AM

BullyProofing: La Jolla academy gains national attention for anti-bully classes


Ryron Gracie, Matthew Becker and Rener Gracie with the image of Helio Gracie in the framed photo

By Tina Safi

In recent weeks, bullies have made headlines across the country with multiple reports of children being bullied to death. Every day in the United States, an estimated 150,000 kids miss school due to fear or intimidation of bullies, and parents are wondering how to address such a crucial problem.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, located in La Jolla, offers a BullyProof program for children, aiming to boost confidence, increase awareness, and teach kids to be ready … for anything. The program also fosters character development, with a course that focuses on six areas: Responsibility, Health, Respect, Citizenship, Manners, and Caring. Each topic is studied for two months at a time. Participants are taught to incorporate each trait into their everyday lives through a point-based reward system.

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La Jolla Light News

9/3/2010 12:00 AM

In the La Jolla Light News on September 3, 2010

Studio pledges Bully Proof kids

The La Jolla Academy of Martial Arts, 7598 Eads Ave., is gaining national attention with its Bully Proof program for children.
Gracie JiuJitsu is offered in three stages, for ages 5-7; ages 8-14; and advanced.

The program has three objectives: 1) Boost confidence by teaching techniques that will neutralize the attack of a larger opponent; 2) Increase awareness by teaching children to recognize and respond to the most common physical and verbal bully behaviors; 3) Be ready. "Only when your child makes it clear that he/she will not tolerate the harassment, will they free themselves of the bully's torment. We will prepare them for every common contingency," instructor Matt Becker has said.

Ralek Gracie Seminar

8/1/2010 12:00 AM

Ralek Gracie’s Seminar was experienced by a full house on August 1st 2010.  Participants experienced the teaching of 100% Pure Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as taught by Ralek’s Grandfather, Master Helio Gracie.  In the 4-hour seminar Ralek focused on teaching the techniques that were most instrumental in his recent victory over Kazushi Sakuraba, aka “The Gracie Hunter”.  Projecting the MMA fight onto the back wall of the Academy, Ralek and seminar participants watched the MMA fight as Ralek commentated.  He explained his beautifully executed techniques and fight philosophy that has been essential in his successes and the legendary success of the Gracie Family.

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