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Developed by the world-renowned Gracie Family, Gracie Bullyproof is an at-home empowerment program based on the psychology and non-violent self-defense techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu that is specifically designed to give your child the confidence to face any challenge.
The secret behind the Gracie Combatives system is a revolutionary training process called Dynamic Reflex Developmentā„¢. In each lesson, the Gracie Brothers introduce you to one new technique, which you can practice by yourself or with a partner, and then we teach you how to execute the new technique in combination with all the previously learned techniques through a series of Reflex Development Drills. Since each lesson features an entirely new Reflex Development Drill, you never get bored, but more importantly, you are always learning new combinations and sharpening your reflexes for the streets!
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